Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Knitting Blunder

So I bought the scarf style book on amazon and I absolutely love it
The problem is that I have a hard time interpreting some of the instructions. I don't know if this is because it's just much easier for me to do things hands on or if it's because I'm left handed and there for knitting backwards (ummm continental I think) so my problem is ssk. now I know that the second someone comes along and explains this to me I'm going to be smacking myself in my forehead but from what I gather I slip the first stich over (and since this is backwards) to my left needle and then slip the second one to the left and then knit them back?? I'm so confused. possibly when I am not at work I will have to watch the video that is provided on Knitting help dot com but until then HELP!!

Good mosh pitting!

Added on 1/23/2008

so I have been told that left handed is not the same as continental or backwards for that matter. Left handed is simply left handed. Also I have been told that this is just a decrease. I mean it's a left leaning decrease. but now that I know that it makes way more sense. dude I think I have the dumb this week or something. :-P

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