Monday, 22 October 2007

Ahh the weekend how I miss it (and it's only Monday)

So the weekend is over and we are back to work. On the up side it looks like they might actually keep me around here. I've been enrolled for a Sharepoint class. On the down side I've been reading the sharepoint notebook and working on macromedia contribute (or trying to work on contribute) I am on a different server then the rest of my office cause they needed a temp but didn't have space in their office to put me so I was put in the education office. Which is on the same floor and right there so it isn't like I am several buildings away from my office or anything but I am now on educations network not OSR. We are thinking that might be affecting my inability to make a proper connection, we're working on it. This weekend I didn't get to make it to any festivals or anything (didn't I say at the beginning that this blog would quickly deteriorate to something that has nothing to do with local festivals? Yep that's what I thought. Instead let's start with Friday. Friday I got home to find my husband fast asleep on the couch (and of course our power was out). so I changed into something comfy and got on the couch with him and we never even made it out of the house. We ordered in and watched some of the shows that we DVR through out the week. Saturday Morning I woke up at about 7:40 to my husband saying ummm babe what time are you usually out of here? and I reply 7. He tells me what time it is and I jump out of bed get dressed my sister calls me from our parents house (about 2 miles down the road) and says I'm on my way I woke up late sorry. Sarah picked me up and we went to the barn and worked for a few hours and then we rode for about an hour which, is usually really great but there were some girls there that were supposed to start their lesson at 11:00 and they started late. Do you know what a Rouge horse is? it's a specific color and from what I can tell they have a bad attitude. Possibly this doesn't apply to all Rouges but to this one we tried to stay as far away from him as possible. We left the barn at about 2:40 (yikes!) I got home and started preparing for my moms birthday party. OH did I mention that we got my mom really awesome Peter, Paul and Mary tickets for her birthday, and that morning when I got into Sarahs' car she says to me "so the concert got canceled" WHAT?? turns out it wasn't canceled it was moved because Mary is getting back surgery. She just had to scare me like that cause Dad did it to her first. So I cleaned up and got the last of the cooking done for mom's birthday party and the family arrived at my house at about 5. We ate we hung out we watched football. people left at about 7ish to go downtown and watch the ball game on the big screen at Jacobs field. I did not go I was so tired after that day that I wouldn't have been fun to hang out with. So I stayed home and ordered a movie (Bridge to Terabithia) I had to read that in Junior High and I don't remember the ending being that sad. I swear I cried the last fifteen minutes of that movie. So Sunday starts out with us rushing around to get ready for Church (yeah I know I can't believe the sky didn't fall that day either). it was our Nieces dedication ceremony (it's sort of like baptism but without the water). You should have seen how happy Daves dad was to see his whole family in church (with the exception of one son but he was out of state that day so he had a valid excuse). Then we went back to Daves parents house and had "Sunday dinner" basically they eat a really big meal at like noon and call it dinner on Sundays. I almost got bit by my brother in laws, girlfriends dog. that was delightful (little shit dog). Don't get me wrong I have nothing against dogs if they are trained but this dog has bit several people, including the Niece who by the way is only about 6 months old or something like that. Maybe there's a chemical imbalance in his brain or something but I don't get it. So we ate (again) lots of food. Left and went shopping (it's our 4 year anniversary on Wednesday). So for me we went to Valley Tack (I heart Valley Tack) and I got new boots, and I pretty fleece vest that's quilted on the inside. Then we went to Sears hardware for Dave for his presents and he bought some tools and a tote bag so that when he's at work he has a bag that he can toss the tools that he needs in when he gets sent to a job site to fix a machine. And now it's Monday (the weekends totally need to be longer). Who do you think we need to talk to about that so that through out the entire world the week lasts from Monday to Thursday and the weekend Starts on Friday. That would be nice wouldn't it?

Good Mosh pitting!

I am at work and should probably be reading up on sharepoint.

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