Wednesday, 17 October 2007

For all of the Starbucks illerate people out there

I certinally don't mean that as a slam I know quite a few starbucks illerates I share an office space with two of them. The difference between these two and all of the other starbucks illerates is that one of the two guys that I share office space with feels the need to question everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING! I sent them a funny little video a few days ago (and for the life of me I can't remember where I got it from otherwise I would post it here as well). Well the guy who feels the need to question everything all the time, lets just call him Bob (cause saying the guy who feels the need to question everything all the time is too much of a hassel). And I know that if he's reading this he's laughing right now because Bob is acutally my office nick name. So Bob turns around after watching the "informational" video on ordering coffee and says to me "I didn't know you could order your coffee in a specific tempature" and I said "yes indeed you can, you can order your drink any tempature you want" and he said something about someone coming into a starbucks and ordering their latte at 210 degrees and I said "any intellegent person would know not to do that because that would scold the milk". He then replied with "I think she just called me dumb". I told him I was not calling him dumb just stating the fact that seriously who is stupid enough to go into a coffee shop and order their latte at 210 degrees? And then he's starts a rant about all of the different choices and how is he supposed to remember all of that and Starbucks should have numbers like McDonalds and he should beable to order what's in the picture cause it's just to hard. Actually that was a completely different rant of his on several occasions. I must say he knows how to push my buttons and sometimes it makes me crazy that he just thinks that things should be the way he says they should be, because he says so. And so for your reading pleasure I give you Barista Brats Ordering for Dummies. it's sort of an old post of hers so if you read it and comment on it and she doesn't comment back don't be offended. Of course if you are a blogger you already know all of this.
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barista brat: ordering for dummies

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