Thursday, 11 October 2007

Cleveland, Crazy, Crazy Cleveland

So yesterday at about 1:00 pm there was a school shooting in Cleveland। No it certinally wasn't the calibur of Columbine or Virgina Tech but it still happened। It makes me sort of sad that kids feel that their lives are so horrible that they need to bring a gun into their school and shoot it up। (and I do mean kids at this point because this kid was only 14)। This boy at the beginning of the week got into a fight with another boy from his school right outside of the school (let me right now point out that across the street from this school is a news station)। That news station catches the fight on their security cameras. Someone from that station goes over to the school yard and breaks up the fight. The one boy gets suspended. On Wednesday he comes into his school and shoots 4 people and then himself. At this point the news station across the street is probably thinking of nothing but "oh how lucky are we that we are located directly across the street from the action" not "my god some kid just went into that school across the street and shot people and then killed himself" I understand that they are news people and that's what they make a living off of and it's what they do but you would think that they would have some kind of compasion. I could be wrong about said news station maybe they were genuily worried about the school. Maybe that's why I am so sad today. It makes me sad that kids these days think their lives are really that bad. I know that things could be going on at home that no-one knows about. But seriously? thinking "I'm going to bring a gun to school and punish those who have punished me". WTF!? Why? It really does make me sad. as I said this was not the calibur of Columbine or Virgina Tech cause no-one else died except the shooter but........ I'm going to ramble about this if I don't stop right now. So I'm stopping until I have a cleared mind and more time to actually blog (cause of course I'm at work right now)

Before I go short update on Roo. (see post before this one). Still MIA, :,-(
We are going to go to the Shelter on Friday just to see if maybe they have him and he's been overlooked. which will either be really good or really bad because I have already been told by my husband and I quote "I don't want to come home with just any cat. I want Roo".
How cute he's fallen in love with a kitty cat.

Good Mosh Pitting

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