Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Back Story on the Cat

So this cat has been hanging around my husbands work for about 2 weeks and this past Monday, my husband got to work and he wasn't there and he was really worried (kinda cute really). any guy willing to actually take care of a stray cat that just happens to land at his work place (and I do mean take care of him) We've actually bought food for this little guy and everything. Well anyway This past Monday my Husband arrived at work to find that Roo (he named him Roo) was MIA and he was really worried about him. Tuesday he was at home sick so he didn't know what was going on with Roo. Today he arrives at work again to find no Roo. He's very distressed about this whole thing. And worried that something had happened to him. So I took matters into my own hands. I called the Berea Animal Rescue Fund (or more affectionately known as B.A.R.F) yeah we've been laughing about that one all day. They said that they in fact picked up a cat that sounds like it could be Roo (this picture was taken by my husband on his phone). They have no pictures of said cat on their website so I have sent them an email to see if they would take a picture and send it to me. Currently my self and my husband are at work but I called him and told him "I think I found Roo". He was elated and I think he's going down to the shelter on his way home from work today (cause it's right by his work). So Possibly cat #4 in our house hold. Thankfully if this doesn't happen to be the cat we think it is, this animal shelter does not euthanize their rescues so they can live out their lives at the shelter or they can find a good home. So there it is Cat (he's really cute isn't he) Back to work it is.

Good Mosh Pitting!

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