Monday, 8 October 2007

How does this blog thing work?

As I sit here and eat my jerk tofu (yes I said tofu) I realize that what I talk about in my blogs (all three entries thus far) arent'really all that interesting. How does this blog thing work? How do I get readers to start reading and continue to read? Should I make my blog about something more then what events and festivals are going on around the region? I think maybe I should. The Problem is that my life is not interesting. No I don't mean it's not interesting to just me (cause all of us think our lives are boring). My life is actually boring. I mean even back when I was a BUX barista and had a bit more freedom to do things during the week my life was boring. Days that went without work were usually filled with trips to the West Side Market, lots of coffee breaks, and cleaning the house. NOw that I have a regular 9-5 job it's even more mundane. I wake up I go to work I work on mindless paperwork (and on my lunch if I have time write a blog) I go home make dinner get the house cleaned up jog and watch television. I don't have a customer service job anymore so I don't have "obnoxious customers" to talk about and, my bosses aren't those "I am the boss so that makes me better then you" types they are all very down to earth. It's like we're all adults here and we all get treated like adults. It's an amazing concept really when you consider there are some people in our office space that act like they are ten and they are still treated with the same respect everyone else gets. So how does one get this whole Blog thing off the ground? Maybe I'll confide in brat even though I don't actually know her she is the only other blogger that I read on a regular basis. (and if anyone is reading this blog have you checked out her's yet?? you need to!

Well I suppose that is all I wanted to say.

Good Mosh Pitting

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