Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I am a Slacker!

I've sucked at this whole keeping up thing lately, I've been cast (last minute) in a show. I'm not upset that's it's last minute but I feel bad cause lets face it, it's last minute and I had things planned for the next two weeks. So I'm going to be one of those Pre-Madonna actresses who shows up to the Monday rehearsal (last night) and can't make it again till next Monday. Does that make me a bad person? I have to stick to my prior engagements I would feel like a putz if I didn't. That and I have (drum roll please) another Horse show on the 15th of August. I did tell my director (Joe) that after that he can have me for all of the rehearsals (Monday-Thursday.) My first big role, I've had lines here and there just recently (Scrooge, The Women) But this is a whole other ball game. I'm a lead?!?!? How the hell did that happen? But I will try and keep up with the blog and keep all of you updated and post some more recipes (I just made a killer black currant crumble)

If you want to know about the show here is a link to a synopsis. There is a small change it's not in London in 1845 (or whatever the hell the original is) it's in Louisiana in the 1930's.
I'm Louisa Creed.

Also go over to Adam Throws Quarter (http://www.idontgive2centsithrowquarters.blogspot.com/) and congratulate him on being a Blog of Note! I think quite possibly he's still beside himself that, that honor has been bestowed on him.


Adam said...

beside myself is an understatement!

Shawnee's Girl said...

Congrats on the lead! Good luck at the horse show and I want the recipe! It sounds great.

Kate said...


AND GOOD LUCK ON 8/15! You're a busy, busy, BUSY gal!

How do you get to be a Blog of Note, I wonder? I am hoping, hoping that someday it will be me too. And do they notify you somehow? How would you find out?

I posted another comment -- just let me know when you're sick of guessing restaurants in Oberlin!


Julie said...

Carrie thanks for the congrats and I will post the recipe and pictures soon (I'm going to alter it this weekend and try it with peaches and blueberries so you'll probably get pictures of that one) I'm excited about the horse show but a bit more nervous (there will be cantering) EEK!!

kate thanks also thanks for the congrats I am very busy and I just went through the script the amount of highlighter marks in that book is enough to make my head spin. I don't know if they notify you about being the blog of note I don't think they do Adam got an email from a friend telling him that he had made blog of note. Damn I'm guessing it's not the organic food market? I'm going to keep guessing and by god I am going to get it one of these days. :-D