Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Ride Times

It's that time again, I have a Horse show on Saturday. When you are going to do a horse show they will (if you have given them your email) sent you your ride times. I don't know what it is about receiving my ride time but I get all giddy like a child on Christmas morning. Oh goody, goody! It means something fun is going to be happening in a few days. I get that excited feeling in my stomach. Almost jumpy but not quite, I wonder if this feeling goes away. I actually anticipate the email coming through and seeing my name there with my time and all of my other competitors names too.

That's all I really have nothing interesting to say but I may end up revamping this at a later date if I come up with anything witty to say.


Kate said...

Things have really changed since I have gone to any shows--the whole e-mail thing cracks me up!--but for me at least: the giddy/anxious/excited feeling never goes away.

But I wouldn't want it to, would you?

Julie said...

I love that they send an email. if you don't give your email you can do it the old fashioned way and call the office and ask when your ride times are but, I don't know I like getting the email I almost anticipate it. And with the email you see everyone elses ride times too, you can see how many other people are in your class and... And... I got nothing. But you are right I love the giddy, anxious feeling and I hope it doesn't go away.

Bebe said...

I wish I had someone to send me a ride time... Not that I ride or anything, but I want to feel giddy about something! Maybe I'll think about the kids starting school next week... A house to myself, now that could make me giddy!

Julie said...

Bebe maybe you can get the kids to ride. Although school is a good motivator too. :-)