Monday, 24 August 2009

I scribble!

I was given this award cause apprantally my blog is liked. I don't know who would read this crap and like it but OK... OH right it was Adam :-) Thank you Adam. So now I must send it on to 5 blogs that I read and enjoy. Hmmmmmm,
(in the distance Oh, Oh pick me)
yeah I know I'm a dork,
in no order (Kate on my blogroll)
Mostly talks about her move and her pets, gramatical errors and her work definitely a fun blog to follow (it helps that she's a friend of mine)
Again a friend of mine she posts picutres and recipes and pictures of her lovely daughter and garden. (Sensory Overload)
they talk about music and mostly our lovely city of Cleveland and goings on around town.
You want to know about all of the hip spots in town or the best place to get a cup of Joe? You've got to check out this blog. (Erin O'Brien Free Times Cleveland)
A lot about Cleveland, her life, living cheaply in this strained economy, her husband and life, and a lot of the time the articles that she writes in the Cleveland free times.
So to all of you
YOU SCRIBBLE!!! No go fourth and bestow this honour on 5 (or more if you so choose) blogs that you enjoy reading. or you don't have to at all you can just bask in the glory that you got so kind of an award just for writing your thoughts down.

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