Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Welcome to being a grown-up

Yes that's how my husband put it to me. I am a known needle-phobe (it's actually called Belonephobia I looked it up) Well we have not exactly been compliant with the whole you have to get a TB test every year in order to work at CCF. Contractors, Temps, I think even students. So I got an email yesterday (or possibly Monday but as I wasn't here...) saying you've got to get a TB test done this week or you are going to be taken off of you assignment. OK no big deal, last time I got one done (two years ago) it was a pen they pushed the button and it pricked you real fast and it was over. That's what I was expecting when I went in this time too. Boy was I wrong. I got to the clinic filled out the paperwork and thought to myself "this is going to be a breeze" they call me back into a room (that's not normal) and the nurse asks me a few questions (normal) I look on the sink counter and there it is a needle more specifically a syringe. I say to the girl "wait I may be wrong but the last time I got this done it was a pen and a quick prick and it was over" and she responded that no she had never done it that was before it's always been like this as far as she can remember. So I gave here that OMG look and said OK so here's the deal I am a freak around needles and I have to apolgize to you now I tend to have a breakdown. Poor thing I felt bad I mean I'm an adult damn it I shouldn't be having a melt down over a little needle. she shut the door I shut my eyes she gave me the shot (not bad) I didn't freak out! Holy Shit I didn't freak out! I did almost pass out (probably cause I was freaking myself out so badly) but I didn't go into fits of crying or anything like that. I got in the car called Dave and told him and he told me welcome to being a grown-up.
That's all I have to say about that. I know I am a freak around needles I can't help it I mean I guess I've found that I can but what the hell man.


Kate said...

I'm actually pretty tough when it comes to needles, but I think the TB test hurts like a son of a gun. The stuff goes right under the top layer of skin; it hurts. So well done that you said it was "not that bad"!


Julie said...

The fact that I didn't cry and scream is a huge deal for me. but you are right it was not fun at all.

Bebe said...

A few years ago I took all five of my kids (yes, even the triplets!) to get flu shots. Everyone was easy--except the oldest. He was 15 or so at the time and they finally went and got a very large nurse to sit on him to hold him down! lol We still tease him!