Thursday, 19 June 2008

Food, Booze and Good Friends Oh yeah and Ivan

So last night we had a going away party for a girl I used to work with at Starbucks. Her name is Currie (like the spice only with an I) She is moving we're sad that she's going but I know that there will be many good opertunities for her in her new home. Also she's not acutally leaving Starbucks she's just transfering stores. She said that she was glad that she would still be with the company and she's going to be a barista instead of a shift which I think will be good, not so much stress. But I'm getting ahead of myself. We went to Buca YUM!! It was fantastic we go a room for just our group and most of the store showed up including one loyal customer his name is Ivan. Ivan (as far as I know) has been coming in for years. He was coming in for the entire three years I was there (and that's been almost a year and a half out already.) So we met in the bar and most people (not including me) started drinking and chatting and talking about Currie's new store and the move and how we all would really miss her. More people arrived and we went to "the room" and ordered salads and pizza (we were starving and couldn't wait for everyone) more people came in slowly but surly and we all had a good time. Well one of the girls went out and got cheesecake from somewhere and a cake from Giant Eagle that says "Good Luck Currie" we were stuffed (but not too stuffed for cheesecake you can never be too stuffed for cheesecake, or chocolate) the regular cake barely got touched and we started talking about how funny it would be if they were to sell the cake in the pastry case this morning at starbucks Ivan thought that would be a great idea (along with cold pizza slices but we'll talk about that later.) So after Ivan left Currie says hey slice me off a peice of that cake and give me the ribbons and plastic ballon decorations that were on it. By the way I should tell you the boss was right there, she looks right at him and asks if she can put it in the pastry case with Ivans name on it and a price of 30 dollars (which by the way Ivan said he would pay for it) The boss said sure but I'm on vacation so I know nothing if our district comes in and sees that. The idea was funny

But actually seeing it in the pastry case this morning was even funnier. Sorry it's a bit blurry I couldn't stop laughing. The sign attached say's Ivan's Cake $30.00.

I'd be interested to see if Currie is 30 dollars richer.


I just sent Currie a text and asked if she was thirty dollars richer and she isn't. She just gave it to him. Boo.

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Spud said...

Haha that is hilarious. Lucky Ivan