Monday, 27 April 2009

Quit Being Such a Whiney Bitch!!

As a society we are made up of many, many personalities. All of the whiney bitches seem to work in my office. I am not a fan if super hot weather but right now I think we need to be rejoicing in the fact that we are no longer doomed to wear layers and sweaters and scarves and hats. Not that I have anything against layers and scarves (cause if you know any thing about me you know that scarves are one of my all time favorite accessories.) But seriously, it's beautiful out and it's supposed to cool down in the next couple of days (and I'm sure that then they will be complaining about it being too cold)! BLARG!!! People make me crazy.

Maybe in the middle of June or July then I will be talking about how freaking hot out it is but I don't know about you I'm sick of sitting in side all the time and being stuck in the cloudy doom and gloom. I say bring on the sunshine, screw all you crybabies that think it's too hot outside.


Erin O'Brien said...

I hate it when people bellyache about the weather!

Julie said...

Apprantly their lives are charmed and they need everything to be perfect all the time. ARGH!