Monday, 18 May 2009

Angels and Demons

This was an amazing movie if you haven't read the book I don't want to give anything away (I acutally didn't make it through the entire book cause it got awfully graphic for me). You'd never expect the "bad guy" to be who it was and the action and suspense was amazing, I liked this much better then the Da Vinci Code, I found that movie to be too............. I don't know what the word is predictable. I didn't like the end it didn't match the book (again possibly the ending of this movie doesn't match the book either but it's not sappy and corny killing the whole feel of the movie if you ask me.) so that's my short and to the point movie review (not even a movie review just sort of a "blip") but I don't want to give anything away.


Adam said...

i did see the movie with the wifey for our Anniversary.

I will post a blog about the significance later, but I DID read the book and the ending was similar to the book.

The movie re-did some of the plot lines from the book, presumably to keep those of us who had read the whole engrossed.

I liked the movie just as much as the book, because I get the need to make something new out of something that was already a big hit.

A thumb and a half up for me.

Julie said...

See I read the book as well but I had a hard time getting through it. I have an active imagination and the whole fire thing got a little out of control. I did really like the movie, It's just one of those things I guess, my active imagination is a bit more graphic then the movie was. The other thing about the movie re-doing some of the plot lines could it be that the movie acutally ended up being a sequel instead of a prequel like the book was? Just me thinking out loud.