Friday, 1 May 2009

Looking for Amazing Food

Specifically Hummus, (sorry I haven't tried the burgers yet even though I have been saying that I would)

Go to The Feve, located in Oberlin. this place is awesome, I have to be honest you need to NOT be in a hurry and be very patient. I mean lets face it this place is being run by college students and not that many of them at that. But the food is amazing and worth the wait.

That is all.

Everyone have a good weekend and have a Mint Julep!!!


Phil said...

I love finding a good restaurant. I absolutely love having a place to always go to.

Julie said...

I know isn't that the best, especially when it isn't a chain restaurant.
This place is great but it's pretty far out of the way so it's good for the weekends when I am out there anyway or during the week if I have a riding lesson.