Thursday, 28 May 2009

Oh sure

Oh sure I post a blog about the blog counter not working and it moves. WTF? can you tell it's a boring day? I'm pratically treating my blog like twitter today. pointless updates, "gossiping" with various people in the office, sipping my coffee, trying not to fall asleep at my desk. AGRH!!

Oh I know I'm going to post something else I found on the NODA site.

Who Can Open the Gate
This story takes you to a big pasture, filled with a lovely bunch of horses. A question has just been asked amid the herd. Let's listen in on the conversation among the many breeds of horses.
Question under discussion -- Who Can Open the Gate?"

Lipizzan: No need for opening it! When are you all going to learn how to fly?!!

Thoroughbred: I don't want to mess with that gate and I am too scared of flying! I will just jump over it and leave you all behind.

Paint: Yeah, what he said! Na Na Na Na Na Na!

Palomino: Forget it. Count me out. I am not taking any chances of messing up my chrome!

Arabian: You'll have to get somebody else to do it. I'm not messin' up my nails for no one!

Quarter Horse: Maybe if I push on it with my big buns, I could open it!

Standardbred: Pity on all of you. I'll figure it out, just give me some time.

Polo Pony: Wait just a minute, let me get my stick and give it a few bloody wacks!

Shetland: Let me at it. I'll break the stupid thing! Then you all can get out of my face.

Mule: Oh, let's just pack it in and call it a day.

Saddlebred: Now, now. I'll open it, if someone could help me with my shoes?

Fresian: I'll do it! Do you think it will mess up my hair? I always have such good hair days.

Mustang: Heck with opening it, how about I just run the whole darn fence over?

Belgian: Step back! You all aren't strong enough to do it. I'll do it. Oh, but what if I break it?

Morgan: There, there. I'll do it for you. No need to have such a big fit. Peace be with all of you. Is there anything else I could do for you after I get done with the gate?

Appaloosa: Oh, hush all of you! Ya big bunch of sissies. No one is leaving till I say so!

Percheron: I have already opened the gate while you all have been arguing! I even went down the next row and opened all the other gates. So it will be awhile before I have to listen to all of you argue again!

Another one of those things that probably only Carrie will get (probably everyone will laugh though)

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