Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Two Movie Weekend

So we saw two movies this weekend, not both in the theaters one of them we rented and the other was a theater movie, the first was Star Trek.

I never really watched Star Trek but I have the basic premise of the show and I had seen it in parts once or twice. But I didn't love it, I didn't walk away calling it the worst movie I've ever seen, but it wasn't my favorite. The stupid part about this is that in actuality it isn't a bad movie the affects were good and the movie was really good but, it was all of the quint-essentially "trekie" lines that got thrown out. Dave tells me that they needed to be there because this is the original "crew" of the enterprise and that's what they said in the original but it just made those moments all the more Corny for me.

"Damn it Jim I'm a doctor not a physicist" just not all that funny to me. It did have most of the theater rolling so maybe I am in the minority or it's just that I'm not actually a fan of Star Trek. Also we had a very hard time with Zachary Quinto and I do mean we. Dave and I both couldn't get Sylar out of our heads we were waiting for some one to piss him off and for him to split open their head.

Dumb I know but he has such a distinct look that it was difficult to picture him as anyone else. He did do a very excellent job of Spock though.

The other weekend movie was Wanted

AWESOME!!! It was a great movie I've never actually heard Morgan Freeman swear so much it was a very different roll then I was used to seeing him in. I'm used to him as God in Bruce Almighty. He was bad ass!! I don't even know what to tell you about this movie, I thought it was amazing there was a lot of action, the affects were great, the language was a bit strong at times. but it was an amazing movie. If you are a fan of action and can take some blood and guts see this movie.

Aside from that there is nothing I am always working and of course it's beautiful outside (because I'm stuck inside you see).

Next weekend Angels and Demons!! I'm excited for this movie I hope it's better then Da Vinci Code was, it looks like it's going to be amazing.


Adam said...

i am excited to see Star Trek. It Looks fantastic! I bought wanted to Jenn for Christmas [seriously it was on her list] and we loved it!

best line from Morgan Freeman,

Smoke this motha fucka

anyway, jenn and I will be enjoying Angles and Demons on our Anniversary, this Sunday, can you believe it?! 1 year down, infinity to go.

great movie reviews.

Julie said...

Yeah, Star Trek is good, I've never been a fan but Dave wanted to see it, like I said if you can get past the corny lines it's awesome. Somehow I'm not suprised that Wanted was on Jenns list, and Angels and Demons, I'm so excited, Dave not so much but we're seeing it anyway. Wow Really a year already?? holy wow. that's awesome, congratulations.

Phil said...

I have never really gotten into star trek so I think I will have the same view on this movie. I havent seen it on the fact that it will probably be a good movie but I wont really love it.