Thursday, 30 July 2009

Two Posts in One Day? Stop the Insanity

OK, OK, I know anyone can make grilled cheese (and yes mine is particularly messy) And on a Styrofoam plate none the less!!! Could I get any more hillbilly?? OH yes I can using a paper towel as a napkin.
But this grilled cheese was particularly good it was white bread (which I don't normally do but I didn't want to go to the store to get wheat) Sharp Cheddar Cheese and Bleu Cheese. It was SOOOOO good. Cooked to perfection if I do say so myself (and I do) buttery and crispy not burnt or anything. Dave of course had Grilled cheeses with American cheese cause he doesn't eat any of the stuff that I do (which meant I cooked them separately cause my Bleu Cheese might have looked at his American!) I know.
Remind me to make this sandwich again some time it was really yummy and totally worth it.


Kate said...

I love how you say your cheese might have "looked at" Dave's!!

That IS my life -- although the door swings both ways in our house (sometimes my food looks at Dan's, sometimes his food looks at mine). But what a great way to put it! I love it!


Adam said...

you should totally make it again!

Kelly and José said...

Looks delicious! Looove grilled cheese sandwiches -- in the winter I pair with Campbell's tomato soup ;) Very fancy, I know*


Bebe said...

If you really appreciate a good grilled cheese, you gotta try mine! Sourdough bread, pesto spread, havarti, and muenster... butter and grill--delish! Sometimes I add a little shaved ham between the cheese slices. Trust me, you gotta try it!

Julie said...

YUM Bebe that sounds Amazing!! Now I'll really have to cook our grilled cheeses seperate. fungus looking at Daves food is bad and green stuff looking at it is just as bad. Thank you for the tip that sounds so good and I will be trying it one of these weekends.