Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Lets face it

I haven't been keeping up on my posts lately, I've been... well torn I guess there has been all this talk about having a baby and moving and all of these things while I realize are part of life are just things that I am not sure I am ready for yet. The baby thing frightens me more then anyone will ever know and the moving thing well... We have a hard enough time taking care of the postage stamp yard we have right now. If I am going to move I want it to be to acreage, I am not moving 3 times because... Well as far as I can tell at the moment just because. I have looked at some houses lets face it it's fun to look and see what's out there and say "oh look at how pretty" but do I really want it?
I don't know. I suppose I am still a bit of a child and moving is hard and it isn't like we'd be moving into a house from our parents houses as we did before no we'd have to get our house ready to be sold and pray that someone comes along and loves it as much as we did when we first moved there. Don't get me wrong I still love that house we've made some improvements and have done some work on it I know that it needs more work mainly some serious cleaning but I suppose if we were to move on I can deal with that and I could move on.

Also I am doing a show right now. Now I know what you are going to say I've done shows before and I have to be at rehearsals for what seems like an eternity every day of every week and for what? To be on stage a total of 20 minutes in a 2 hour play? Well I'm working much harder in this show as I am OFF stage for a total of 20 minutes (probably we haven't actually run through the entire show yet) It's a big part with many, many lines and it's tough. For those people who have done big parts in shows before (that are not musicals) I applaud you I don't know how you do it. I've got to say the musicals are probably difficult as well but it's so much easier when most of your lines are songs, for whatever reason songs are much easier to memorize. Why is that? We're two weeks away from opening and most of us still have our books on stage (there are only seven of us by the way)

Can you spot me??? Yeah frightening isn't it? The part is completely hilarious and a bit psycho but it's fun and different and you aren't even seeing the makeup. Apparently that's going to make the character even more CRAZY!


Quarter Thrower said...

we'll be there for you through all of life's changes.

Julie said...

Thanks, Sorry I've been a sucky friend in that department. I just feel (and this is just me) that I should give you guys space to get aclaimated to having a new baby in the house. Although what's the deal with your friday evening? I have a present for Addy and would like to come by and drop it off. I hope everything is great with the family.

Shawnee's Girl said...

We wish we were living back home. I feel so stuck out in the middle of nowhere while all of you guys are living your lives. I just keep telling my self- two more years...

I also keep asking, "When did we grow up?" Sometimes it still amazes me that I am an adult now. :)