Tuesday, 15 September 2009


And no I'm not talking about "MUSH!" as in if you were in a sled race with dogs and stuff. I mean I made mush. I know it doesn't sound very appetizing and to be honest it looks equally as non-appetizing. But it was damn good. So here's where it starts My friends Joe and Paul ask hey we have eggplant from our garden anyone want some? We'll bring them to rehearsal! And I'm thinking YUM Eggplant too bad Dave doesn't eat that stuff (see post before this about eating things plain) but I love eggplant. I've never cooked it before and have no clue what to do with it but what the hell I'll take some I'm sure I can figure out something to do with it.

So I go to the store and buy some Garlic (yes the jarred kind that is already minced up and everything, I'm sort of lazy like that) mushrooms and an onion. Tomatoes are easy to come by at my house, our neighbor grows them and I frequently find a bag of them on my front porch so that is an ingredient that I don't have to worry about buying.

First I cut up and soaked the Eggplant in salt water (you have to do this so they are no longer bitter) I soaked them for about 30 minutes.

I cut my tomatoes in half and tossed them in a pot with a little but of water.

I let those cook for about 10 minutes. Then I added the eggplant.

Again let them cook (covered I forgot to mention that before) for about 10 minutes. Add mushroom and another 10 minutes.

Add Onion and again (duh) another 10 minutes.

Add basil, thyme (and any other herb of your choice) Salt and Pepper to taste and let cook covered for another 5-10 minutes.

it resembles mush (I don't know how to keep my tomatoes from turning) but it's amazing. Add Mozzarella cheese and eat!

It looks disgusting but it' tastes amazing. I need to jar this stuff up and use it on pastas and what not especially since this bowl was an entire meal and it was a bit much for me I was stuffed afterwards. But again Dave wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole so this would be my personal pasta sauce. YUM! So I think that's it for today consider my slacking erased.



Meghan Conrad said...

Couple things.

I'd suggest adding the onions with the tomatoes--this is one of those times when the long, slow cooking of them somehow makes it infinitely more delicious.

Also, sludge freezes pretty well--make it as airtight as possible (I'll freeze it in ziplocks, even) and it'll keep just fine for a few months. It's also super-delicious mixed in with pasta sauce.

(So, for that matter, does my eggplant-tofu stuff--have I given you the recipe for that?)

Pro-Portional said...

Reminds me of debinja which I love!

And don't even sweat using that garlic - I buy it too.