Monday, 11 February 2008

Where did the weekend go?

(lovely shot of my knee in there but I couldn't resist a good bunny ears picture)

Well I'm glad you asked :-)

Yes I know you didn't actually ask but this weekend went by really fast. did it do that for anyone else? Well here's my excuse (other then weekends always seem to go too fast) we had a suprise birthday party for my Grandfather. he's 80. and it's a good thing that he's predictable We would have never been able to pull this off other wise. so for your viewing pleasure pictures of my grandfather and his 9 kids. yes 9 of them.

I know they are all slightly insane. but it was a good suprise the one in the back row all the way to the right, that's John he came from California to be here. and the one on the left of grandpa well, she sort of disowned the family so the fact that she came was HUGE. it was really really good. also a good thing that there is a gigantic riding arena in the back so we parked all of the cars there. he had absolutely no idea. And we didn't want to give him a heart attack so it wasn't like we all hid in his living room and jumped out at him and screamed suprise. we were all standing in the kitchen singing happy birthday when he walked in I'm pretty sure I saw a few tears. He seemed really happy and truly suprised. The house set up is alittle tricky. there's the garage and behind the garage is the utility room and then there are steps up to the kitchen.

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