Monday, 11 February 2008

Here and There Cable Scarf

So here is the newest work in progress.

But here is the issue. on the cable row the first six stitches are slipped to a cable needle and then you are on your way knitting and purling but I get this little flippy pocket at the one end and I know that some how I am wrapping the yarn around the slipped stitches but I am not seeing how I am doing this. I know that it's not supposed to be doing that. Grrrr has anyone else done this pattern?


Hulinea said...

G'day from Downunder,

I just bought Scarfstyle and have decided to do Here and There Cable but was going to make it not as wide - say 3/4 of the current width.
It is normal to have that pocket effect with cabling - will disapper once you do some repeats. I noticed that the cable row is a little different to the other reversible ones I have done - the bit about sl 1 st to from the cn to the left needle and then purl it - is something I have had to try a time or two!!!
How did your scarf end up?


Julie said...

Thank you for the words of wisdom I acutally never finished it because I was so frustrated with the pocket. I wasn't sure if that was normal but now that I know it is I will probably start it over.