Monday, 18 February 2008

Weekend Knitting Project

So this was my little weekend project. Totally honest I started it Saturday evening and finished it Sunday afternoon partly because I put it down and partly because I didn't have a needle to sew the button on with. Now I got the pattern from

I am a Ravelry memeber and she posted it there. as you can see she has it shown with the button at the top of the head I tried that on and frankly it doesn't do anything for me I suppose it's all in what your taste is. The Yarn is actually Red Heart Light & Lofty and the button was bought at bead paradise in Oberlin Ohio. They have an amazing selection of vintage buttons. It's a good thing I didn't go in there with a handful of cash because it would have been gone! :-) So for your viewing pleasure Handspun Headband. Photographs curtosy of my husband. <3


Tink said...

What a brilliant idea! Btw, do you have an Etsy account yet?

Brynne said...

Thank you, I like it quite a lot myself.

No I don't and I am affraid to get an Esty account I think I will probably get myself in trouble on that site. I have seen the posts pretaining to Esty on your blog and I just go all mush brain and Ohhhhhhh sparkly. So not good.