Friday, 12 December 2008

crap! Crap! Crap! BItch! BItch! BITCH!! WAHHHHHH!!!!

I just attended a meeting with the other administrative assistants on my floor and let me tell you I have never heard so much bitching!! The meeting was supposed to be about a "holiday party" for the floor that was supposed to be (by the way) a potluck and next week on Thursday. There has been no discussing about any of it until today, and there is no sign in sheet. Most of the meeting was spent complaining about ordering supplies and Oh yeah their newest great idea not ordering cups anymore and bringing in miscellaneous mugs from our houses (which I get everyone always has too many mugs) but giving guests mugs to use and then we need to wash them out when they leave! (I get the other responsibility part of the job but the people suggesting this would not be caught dead washing out someelse's mug) and who wants to use a "communal" mug anyway? GROSS!!! I think my head may explode after that crap.

but for now I need to mellow and get prepared for the show tonight and get some work done. what can I think of that will help calm me down?? Puppies!! Yeah puppies are good. by the way speaking of puppies did you know that web searches for puppies are dangerous? apparently you get many, many porn sites if you simply search puppies, oh and blue jays that's apparently porn for some people across seas. Who Knew?? Not me!

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