Thursday, 4 December 2008

Preview Audience

So rehearsal went well last night. OK the first quarter of the first act went well, around 9:00 last night the transformer that provides the theatre with power blew. We weren't sure how to proceed. Everyone changed out of their costumes and went home. We haven't actually run the show from start to finish. Yes we have run the entire show but it was second act first and first act second. So the first time we run the show from start to finish will be for the preview audience. AGRH!!!! Oh an have I mentioned that we haven't figured out curtain call yet? Yes boys and girls that's right we have no plan for curtain call. So if you live in Northeast Ohio and need a good fun (possibly train wrecky) entertaining night come see Scrooge tonight at the Cassidy Theatre in Parma Hts. Tickets for preview are 10$.

Good Mosh Pitting!

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