Monday, 1 December 2008

December First

Yes boys and girls it's December First. Can you believe it, I can't. I'm amazed at how quickly the holidays have snuck up on us yet again. Of course it's busy and I have had no time for anything between work and Scrooge I don't think I've had much time to see my husband, clean my house (the place is a sty) I will be so glad when tech week is over so I can get back to normalcy. Actually spending time with the husband, not going straight from work to the theatre and not getting home till 11:00. Don't get me wrong I love theatre it's fun and I'm having a great time but, I miss having just plain old hang out time with Dave. So now that I am done bitching, how is everyone? How was every one's turkey (or tofurkey in some peoples cases) day? mine was filled with pumpkintini's and lots of food and laughing and fun, and stories of my grandfather chasing his grand-daughter and her friend around on the ATV while her brother and his friend rode in the wagon and lobbed snowballs at them. All I could hear is Flight of the Valkyrie's over and over in my head every time I picture that in my head, My grandfathers neon orange stocking cap flapping in the wind as he's standing on the ATV and he's probably only going 3 miles an hour but he had a grin from ear to ear. Yes ladies and gentlemen my grandfather is the youngest 81 year old I know as he's definitely still a kid at heart.

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