Friday, 24 July 2009

Chicken Pizza

I have got to change gears after that last downer and it occurs to me that I made chicken Pizza the other night and how fabulous it is and I think I should share the recipe with everyone!! That and someone in my office is eating pizza right now and I can smell it and it smells so good it's making me hungry.

The ingredients are sort of a guess nothing is really measured except for the soy sauce and vinegar.

Ingredients List

Boneless Skinless chicken breast about 4 depending on how much chicken you want on each pizza

1/3 cup of vinegar (or more if you want more sauce)

1/3 cup soy sauce (or more if you want more sauce)

you want these two ingredients to be equal parts cause if they are off your pizza is either going to be really salty or super vinegary and you don't want either trust me I've done it before.

Garlic 2 tbsp or however much you want depending on your garlic liking (I LOVE GARLIC!)

2 Boboli Pizza Crusts (this makes it super easy cause you can eat it two nights in a row or if you are not going to be home it's a simple heat and eat for your spouse)

Mozzarella Cheese I don't care how much or little you use we use big heaping helpings

flour (this is for thickening) I would say about 2 tbsp

olive oil I don't have an exact measurement on this it's for cooking the chicken, you don't want your chicken drowning in olive oil but you don't want it sticking to your frying pan/wok either.


If you have time to cut up your chicken a head of time and let it marinate I suggest you do, it is wonderful but if you don't it really isn't going to make or break your pizza.

pour your soy sauce, vinegar and garlic into a medium sized bowl and add your cut up chicken.

In a frying pan/wok (whichever you happen to have, I have a wok and I love it) pour some olive oil and carefully add your chicken (I would suggest using tongs for this cause you're going to need your soy sauce/vinegar mixture for your pizza sauce)

cook until done (if you don't know when chicken is done you shouldn't be cooking)

spoon your chicken evenly onto your two pizza crusts.

return your pan to the stove top and add the soy sauce/vinegar mixture add flour and whisk (I mean seriously whisk cause if you don't it'll be lumpy or really too thick)

Pour on top of your pizza crusts.

Add cheese

Bake in a 350 Degree oven for about 15 minutes

if you are reheating a pizza you will want to still use a 350 degree oven but take about 30 minutes.

You can add anything else to this pizza you want I've had it with onions, pinenuts, mushrooms, we've even added goat cheese (YUM!) But as my husband doesn't eat anything I am currently making it plain, Oh well it's still freaking good as hell.

Enjoy Everyone!!!


Adam said...

oh dear that looks fabulous!

i must try

Shawnee's Girl said...

That sound delish! I have a superb recipe for bread machine pizza dough (better than the store bought crusts). I can't wait to try this out on it. Also if you ever get a chance, try tomatoes, basil and mozzarella with just a little bit of olive oil brushed on the dough. So good. Doesn't even need sauce