Tuesday, 21 July 2009

My crazy weekend


Have you seen UP? with his ears perked up like that, that's all I can think of. That he sees a squirrel or something that he's about to either spook at or run after. That's my boy Showoff.

So my weekend actually started on Friday (I slept till 9:15 and it's so sad when that is considered sleeping in.) Mom called and told me about a free couch that I could go out and get. I figured what the hell the cats have killed the couch we had so I figured why not. we went to her friends house loaded a couch in the van went to another house where we dropped off the couch that we had and picked up the one I was getting it worked out. I ran home changed my clothes and went out the the barn for my last ride before the show. I rode a bit and got my tests in one more time. Gave the horse a bath (cause have you seen him? Yeah basically impossible to keep a white horse white. I'm lucky he sleeps standing up.) Cleaned tack, polished my boots, packed up the trailer and helped my aunt hook the truck up and finally went home. I got home about 9ish with food in hand cause I felt bad for being out there all day and crashed around 11. I haven't gotten out of bed before 6:00 in 3 years by now and let me tell you I remember why I hated getting up that early. I am not a morning person and 4:30 is well before the sun comes out but I was WIDE AWAKE!!! I think it was part nerves, part excitement, I made sure to set out what I was wearing the night before and to hang my show clothes on the front door so I wouldn't forget them. Kissed my husbands cheek and ran out the door at 4:50 stopped for coffee (mmm the elixir of life!) water and orange juice (cause I was still getting over my cold) and was on my way officially, got to my grandfathers house around 5:45ish and sat in the kitchen with my aunt downing some donuts and coffee before we had to hit the barn make sure everyone had water, brush the horse and load him into the trailer. Can I just say I felt so bad we got him in with relatively no problems but he was visibly trembling when we got him in all the way and hooked up. (sad frightened pony.)

On the road with our trusty GPS hooked up by 6:15 and arrival time slated for 7:41 in Wadsworth. I got checked in hit the bathroom got the horse out of the trailer changed and hoped on for some practice, Mom showed up and Sarah came for the first ride. Ride number one 8:40 it got bumped to 8:32 (by choice) if the person in front of you scratches you have the option to ride early you don't have to but I figured I was there I would take it. Ride one went really well (there was smiling involved) I do have to work on my geometry (surprise) but whatever.

And we need to be "more forward" all things that I was actually aware of but after the last "disaster" I was very careful about letting him have too much freedom (I guess I need to learn to let go.)

Class number 2 was at 10:23 I had some time so we went back to the trailer took all of the tack off changed my shirt (cause with my luck I would have ruined my nice white shirt) and had some Orange juice and donuts and sat, then Dave came for the second ride (trust me I didn't expect anyone to come for the first one that was a damn early ride I even told them don't bother with the early ride that's too early and this place is at least an hour away from where any of us live) 9:45 and I'm changed tacked up and back on again, practicing before my second class.

And again smiling was involved (my geometry still sucked) but our "forwardness" was better.

the test was a bit harder but not a lot (nothing I couldn't handle) and at the end of the trip.

You got it two second place ribbons (and there were more then two of us in each class) I was over the moon about the whole thing. Dressage seems to agree with showoff. So next month we're going at it again with harder tests and hopefully good results. Bad ending to a good story the truck broke down on our way back. Lucky for us we broke down in Wellington in front of some nice mans house (Keith) and he towed the trailer back to the house for us with his truck. His wife and children came home from gymnastics before we left his girls thought they had gotten a pony. Unfortunately that means the truck is DEAD, so next month we might be riding horseback to get to the next show.

Sunday I slept till noon (did I mention I was still fending off a cold?) When I finally got out of bed I went to the grocery store picked up some essentials got home and got some cleaning done, and basically did nothing exciting. but I think I've had my excitement for the weekend with Saturday.

Good Mosh Pitting


Kate said...

Well done--second place is AWESOME!

Gazelle says, "Nicker, nicker," which I think means "Hot diggity!"



Julie said...

Woo-Hoo I got a "Hot Diggity!"
Thanks I'm awfully pleased with myself. I'm such a child.

Adam said...

i promise to read this and comment tomorrow, i think

Adam said...

nice work! way to go! you get those ribbons!

Shawnee's Girl said...

ha ha! I just watched up and every time they yelled SQUIRREL I thought of your blog. Break a leg for your next show (in the good way of course!) I hope you find someone to help out with the barn work.

Julie said...

Seriously Carrie that's all I could think of when I saw this picture, he looks so pretty, and white and clean. With his ears pointed forward like that he looks like he might take off after a critter or something. Cracks me up