Thursday, 23 October 2008

October 24, 2003

I know it's tomorrow but I probably won't be around tomorrow to post anything so it's getting posted today. So Dave and I are playing hooky from work, rehersal, and life in general all weekend. OK not really playing hooky they know we're going to be gone, Lester would have my head if he didn't. So what happened on October 24, 2003 Oh come on I know you all don't know me that well but how about a wedding? Mainly Dave's and my wedding. It was (suprise) a Friday, and the weather was great and our mouths hurt by the end of the day from smiling. I have a great picture of the two of us that I should probably get and post at the end of this post. We're at our reception, (if you're from the Cleveland area it was at Wagner's) and it was probably 11:00 which normally isn't all that late unless you're running around like a bat out of hell all day then it's freaking late as crap. The halls in Wagner's have couches stratigacally placed every 20 feet or so against the wall and Dave and I are on one of these couches slouching just looking at the ceiling we were definitely ready for sleep and trust me that's all that happened that night for anyone who tells you other wise they're either lying or they had large amounts of coffee that day to keep them going. But seriously who has time to stop and drink a cup of coffee on their wedding day? I didn't! So we're going to a little resort in Dundee Ohio called Yeowza, (a prize to anyone who can tell me what the phrase Yeowza, Yeowza, Yeowza!! is from cause I've been racking my brain to remember.) Here's the website, you should check it out it looks small and cute and log cabin-e and secluded and there are jacuzie tubs in all of the rooms.

So that's my fun weekend ahead, hope you all have your own fun this weekend.

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Congrats on five years!