Thursday, 30 October 2008

Vocal Warm-ups

So, I had rehearsal last night (of course) and I won't bore you with the details cause lets face it rehearsals are boring unless you are there. Learned a new vocal warm up which amused me greatly, it's all one note and then up a half step (and if you have done vocals ever you know the drill)
"round and round the ragged rock the raunchy rascal ran"
Only you're supposed to try doing it with an accent (sounding like Dracula or something to that effect) I just thought that it was amusing and probably no-one else finds it amusing but I don't care cause this is my blog and................... Yeah so there.

(I'm a complete 5 year old)


Tink said...

The warm up verse we used to use was, "Chester Cheetah chewed a chunk of cheap cheddar cheese." :)

WV Today: Euranis. *Chuckle* I think the word verification people have a dirty sense of humor.

Julie said...

I love that I should suggest it to Kira next time I see her wow I'm so glad that someone else understood the insanity, I do think that the word verification people have a very dirty sense of humor.