Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Beachland Ballroom

Friday July 3rd, 8 PM I arrive at Verizon wireless complete with coffee (cause seriously I am not pleasant without coffee especially staying out as late as we did) I can't remember the last time I stayed out past 11 (hell I can't remember the last time I stayed out past 10 not including doing shows cause lets face it you're lucky to get out of the theatre before 11 with most of that stuff but I digress.
So we head to The Beachland Ballroom (BTW I had no idea where that was located initially) and Dave (my wonderful loving husband) was worried (cause all things Cleveland freak him out) and he bought me Pepper Spray (cause when a thug has a gun pointed at my head the first thing I'm thinking about is how do I get to my pepper spray before he blows out my brains) but whatever makes him feel better besides I was not left alone once that night so at least I wasn't down there alone.
Read Adams blog (Adam Throws Quarters) if you want a better version of this post (as he is the one I went with and lets face it he's a much, much, MUCH better writer and story teller then I am.
The show didn't start on time (surprise!? not really)
The first act was Adam Taylor in the Ballroom
They were great, folksy, mellow, and just my pace. (oh and did I mention that in the ballroom you weren't loosing your hearing due to the size of the venue?) Incidentally he had a table set up outside the ballroom with cards and codes to get free music (although I must admit I will probably pay for mine cause lets face it, starving artists they need gas and food money too.
Next band, Hot Rails in the Tavern

Entertaining, for the most part, totally punk I would have to say yes, most of the time Adam talked to his friend (Mike?) from The Ohio Sky (which was the band that we initially came out to see) so I wandered and snapped some photos. The above one is probably my favorite of this band (I fit all of them in the frame and there's something about that hip pop that makes me smirk a little)

Next band in the Ballroom (their name escapes me) they sort of sucked, no wait what I am saying? How did that go again Adam "they have all the stage presence of 5th graders at a talent show" This is how I came up with the name 5th Graders on Parade
We thought (before they started playing) that it might be cool because you got to respect a band using old school mics and an organ. No such luck, they held no-ones attention and when I say no-ones I mean it there was a swarm of people behind Adam and I (I'd say 15 people or so) and by the time the first song was over they were gone. and by the middle of the second song we had given up as well. Adam Taylor had stayed (I'm thinking out of respect cause they sat through his set but I could be wrong)

So we headed back to the Tavern to watch
The Guile
This band held our attention (and trust me I think we both have attention spans of a 5 years old)
They were entertaining, the lead singer liked to get off stage and get in your face, guzzled beer (and spilled some PARTY FOUL!) More theatrics out of this band then the others we have seen this evening. They were loud and boisterous and very rock and roll.

We needed to give our ear drums a break after that so we stepped outside (with basically the rest of the crowd)
Ha, Ha, Ha!!!! I told you I'd post it!! this is Adam he grabbed the camera (cause to him a 35mm is fun and interesting and basically not a digital) he snapped this photo himself.
That's what you get for posting that crappy picture of me.

As we hear The Ohio Sky doing sound check we head back in (after my poor husband sends me a text asking if I'm OK) poor guy I didn't think we'd be out that late I figured that when they said the show starts at 9:00 the show would actually start at 9:00 I've learned for next time that I should never, ever go by what is on the site, local shows don't start on time what a silly girl thinking that. So I called him and assured him that I was fine (and I haven't had to pull out my pepper spray once) and that the band that we had come to see hadn't even gone on yet (this was at about 12:00 midnight)

The Ohio Sky Rocked it out!! I don't know what to say I am glad that I went.
Totally Rock and roll (catch some of the Throwing Quarters pod casts to hear their music) I don't have anything bad to say about them at all, they were entertaining and a really fun band to watch (I think I blew out my ear drums that night I've been reminded by my friend George how important earplugs are)

Next day I was up at 6 am to go and clean horse stalls (yes by choice so no I'm not complaining) but I warned my aunt that when she's yelling across the arena in my lesson to keep my head up and heels down and shoulders back and I don't do any of that, it isn't that I'm not listening it's that I still can't hear anything but I'd totally do it all over again.

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