Wednesday, 15 July 2009

"Die like you live: All of a sudden"

This post will probably be another botched attempt at a movie review but what the hell. We went to see Public Enemies on Saturday. First of all we went to see the 7:10 showing and there was a gentleman standing at the end of the hall of the theater telling people that the movie might start a little late (20 minutes or something like that) no big deal. Well the movie doesn't start at all because there is something wrong with the projector so we are sent across the theater with tickets in hand to another theater for the 7:40 showing completely adequate and they gave everyone who was there initially for the 7:10 showing free tickets for our trouble (really it wasn't that much trouble but now we're going to be able to see Half Blood Prince for free so whatever, I'm happy)

Johnny Depp - John Dillinger

Christian Bale - Melvin Purvis (I don't care how much of a jack ass you perceive him to be he's HOT!)

Marion Cotillard - Billy Frechette

the "good guys"

Lili Taylor - Sheriff Lillian Holley

Rory Cochrane - Carter Baum

Billy Crudup - J. Edgar Hoover

the gangsters

Alvin "Creepy" Karpis - Giovanni Ribisi

"Baby Face" Nelson - Stephen Graham

Charles "Preety Boy" Floyd - Channing Tatum

The Feds try to take down notorious gangster John Dillinger and his men (the movie was fairly predictable but I liked it anyway). I tend to have a bit of an obsession with gangsters and the mafia so it doesn't take much for me.

From 1933 - 1934 Dillingers Gang ran rapid in the Midwest, from Ohio (hey that's where I live) to South Dakota and Indiana. Dillinger and his gang were well known and beloved by the country but despite that they had made quite a record for themselves including 15 Robberies, 4 Arrests, and 3 Prison Breaks.

With a love story, gun fights and car chases, how can you go wrong? This movie is gritty, amazingly filmed and the actors chosen to portray the characters... Michael Mann couldn't have picked better people for the job.

Dillingers story begins in a prison in Indiana and ends on a cold side walk outside of the Biography Theatre in Chicago where well known prostitute Anna Sage comes to a deal with Melvin Purvis that if she "handed over" Dillinger that she could stay in the states (she's from Russia and illegally in the US). Of course for her freedom she does it, the Feds shoot Dillinger dead outside of the theatre.

that's all I got for you I don't want to give too much away, if you like Gangster movies and Johnny Depp (which who doesn't?) go see this movie.
Next Movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I am so excited about this movie.

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