Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Just another amateur restaurant review

I don't read restaurant reviews, I have read reviews that friends and friends of friends have written but as far as I know none of us are professional restaurant reviewers, we don't get paid and therefore are amateurs. This is no different, my husband was out of town all weekend (paint balling with the boys in Michigan.) So I figured I'd eat out at any of the places that he would probably never eat at and have all of the foods that he finds repulsive. One of these places happens to be Bar Symon, now I know what you are saying "how do you decide you would never eat at a Michael Symon restaurant?" Well as Dave said to me after I read off some of the things on the menu that I found on-line "You don't go to a Michael Symon restaurant and order a burger plain." (the Bar Symon burger by the way has a fried egg and cheddar cheese on it, he'd be removing the fried egg)
Huh, OK that makes sense and to be completely honest I don't think there is much else on that menu that he would eat, that is without taking everything off and making it as plain as possible.
But me on the other hand, Most everything on that menu looked amazing! Link for all that are interested http://www.barsymon.com/. Except for probably the bone marrow cause that simply freaks me out and the pork cracklings aside from those two things I would probably at least try everything on this menu.

Saturday after I got home from a long day at the barn and just wanted to relax and get some good food in me so I called Bar Symon and ordered some dinner to go. I have dined by myself before and it generally doesn't bother me but today was one of those self conscious days where I thought if I were to sit in this restaurant all by myself people would stare and wonder why I was there alone and the fact that it's in Avon Lake chances of me running into someone I know are really good. It was one of those days where I just wanted to go home to the comfort of my couch and eat quietly by myself. So I ordered the Lola fries with rosemary (for those of you who have been living under a rock or aren't from the Cleveland area Lola is a very popular Michael Symon restaurant located in Downtown Cleveland)

They were sort of that shoe string type of fry and they were cover in rosemary and salt and they were amazing!

I also got the Mac & Cheese which consisted of rosemary (I think Michael Symon has a thing for rosemary) Goat cheese and Chicken. Again so good definitely hit the spot.

These pictures would probably be prettier on plates but let's face it I'm lazy and just took the picture of them right in their to go boxes. I suggest of you ever get the chance to visit Bar Symon do it. The interior is beautiful, a mix of wood, brick and metal, Metal tiles hanging from the ceiling. Very low key and sort of rustic-ish.

Seems like a great place to go and grab a bite to eat I would absolutely suggest going here.

that's it my amateur restaurant review. enjoy!


Quarter Thrower said...

the meatloaf and the mac n cheese are next on my list of dishes to try

Julie said...

Oh dude the Mac and cheese is So freaking good! I first thought that it's just mac and cheese I can make that at home. but not like this. it's amazing!

Anonymous said...

I got a feeling that you are becoming a food critic. If so that is really cool, because I have given it a thought that maybe to become one. But I love being a chef as well and want to be the best at whatever I decide to keep doing. By the way it was awesome hanging out yesterday.